Unveiling the Vulnerabilities: Hacking Cloud Native Apps and Discovering the Silver Lining


The security of cloud storage services, such as S3/GCP Buckets, the implementation of Cognito/SSO OAuth, and the protection of API endpoints have become paramount for web applications. As cloud integration becomes more accessible, comprehensive assessments of these components before deployment are crucial. Cloud infrastructure offers technological advancements, resource availability, and cost savings compared to traditional setups. However, cloud-native applications bring unique challenges. This talk addresses risks associated with user authentication using OAuth providers like Google, Slack, or AWS Cognito, where insecure implementations can lead to complete user account takeovers. It delves into security concerns regarding cloud storage services like AWS S3/GCP Buckets, which expose sensitive user data to unauthorized access. Additionally, vulnerabilities introduced by API-based micro-services employing Serverless lambda functions are explored. Attendees will gain insights into identifying, exploiting, and mitigating these cloud-native vulnerabilities through manual penetration testing and automated tools, as well as practical mitigation techniques.

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Amish Shah

Co-CEO and Director, Blueinfy Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Amish Shah, Co-CEO and Director at Blueinfy, an esteemed technical expert in the field. With a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years, Amish brings a unique blend of skills in secure product development, application security assessment, and red team exploitation. As the technical... Read More →