Training at Syscan - Web Hacking – Threats & Countermeasure

Web Hacking – Threats & Countermeasure
Introduction and adaptation of new technologies like Ajax, Rich Internet Applications and Web Services has changed the dimension of Web Hacking and Security. We are witnessing new ways of hacking and exploiting web based applications and it needs better understanding of technologies to perform penetration testing and assessment of web security. The course is designed by the author of “Web Hacking: Attacks and Defense”, “Hacking Web Services” and “Web 2.0 Security – Defending Ajax, RIA and SOA” bringing his experience in application security and research as part of curriculum to address new challenges for pen-testers, consultants, auditors and QA teams. Web Hacking 2.0 is extensively hands-on class with real life challenges and lab exercises. Participants would be methodically exposed to various different attack vectors and exploits. The learning sessions feature real life cases, hands one exercises, new scanning tools and exploits.

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HTML 5, XHR (L2) and DOM (L3) - Top 10 Attacks

Current stack and technology surface

Top 10 Attack Vectors

1. XSS abuse with tags and attributes
2. DOM based XSS and Redirects
3. Stealing from the storage
4. Injecting and Exploiting WebSQL
5. Abusing network API and Sockets
6. CSRF across streams – JSON, AMF and XML
7. Sandbox attacks and ClickJacking
8. Abusing new features like drag-and-drop
9. Botnet/Spynet gets persistent life using WebWorkers
10. Threats to widgets and mashups