XSS & CSRF with HTML5 - Attack, Exploit and Defense

HTML5 has empowered browser with a number of new features and functionalities. Browsers with this new architecture include features like XMLHttpRequest Object (L2), Local Storage, File System APIs, WebSQL, WebSocket, File APIs and many more. The browser is emerging as a platform like a little operating system and expanded its attack surface significantly. Applications developed in this new architecture are exposed to an interesting set of vulnerabilities and exploits. Both traditional vulnerabilities like CSRF and XSS can be exploited in this new HTML5 architecture. In this talk we will cover following new attack vectors and variants of XSS and CSRF.

HTML5 driven CSRF with XMLHttpRequest (Level 2)
CSRF with two way attack stream
Cross Site Response Extraction attacks using CSRF
Cross Origing Resource Sharing (CORS) policy hacking and CSRF injections
DOM based XSS with HTML5 applications
Exploiting HTML5 tags, attributes and events
DOM variable extraction with XSS
Exploiting Storage, File System and WebSQL with HTML5 XSS
Layered XSS and making it sticky with HTML5 based iframe sandbox
Jacking with HTML5 tags and features

In this session we will cover new methodology and tools along with some real life cases and demonstration. At the end we will cover some interesting defense methodologies to secure your HTML5 applications. My slides are as under (I will post video once get released)