Binging - Footprinting and Discovery Tool

Binging is a simple tool to query Bing search engine. It will use your Bing API key and fetch multiple results. This particular tool can be used for cross domain footprinting for Web 2.0 applications, site discovery, reverse lookup, host enumeration etc. One can use various different directives like site, ip etc. and run queries against the engine. On top of it tool provides filtering capabilities so you can ask for unique URLs or hosts. It is also possible to filter results by applying power of regular expression. Get your Bing API key and use this tool for your audit, assessment and research.

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AppPrint - Web, Application Server and Web 2.0 Fingerprinting tool (Beta)

AppPrint scans IP range, IP or host for Web and Application servers. It scans port 80 for a particular target and tries to deduce the banner using httprint methodology. This gives best guessed banner for Web Server. In next step it uses method of forced plug-in invoke and scan for application server type. At this point it tries to fingerprint Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere, Orion, ColdFusion and Resin. It also fingerprints Web 2.0 libraries and components. It requires .NET framework installed. In future version we will build several other technology mapping and fingerprinting technologies like Flash, Laszlo etc. Also, planning to add WAF fingerprinting module.