lambdaScanner - Scan and Secure serverless lambda functions

'lambdaScanner' is a toolkit which has a combination of scripts for performing penetration testing of lambda functions. The scripts available in the toolkit help assessing the lambda functions from a security standpoint. It helps the tester to discover vulnerabilities in deployment as well as code. It aids in checking vulnerabilities like improper permissions, SQL injections, command executions etc. to name a few. This is not an automated scanner, but a toolkit that helps pen-testers to perform the testing of functions, so it needs to be used wisely by crafting customized requests and payloads. The lambda functions are invoked through various events encompassing AWS like S3, DynamoDB, SQS etc. so the scripts in the toolkit are very helpful in evaluating functions as well as directly testing with various sets of payloads. All these scripts are written in python by using boto3 APIs. The toolkit also has a package called 'lambdaProtect' which can be integrated with an existing lambda function to guard both incoming event stream as well as outgoing response.

This toolkit is "in progress/prototype" and would be enhanced with time by an addition of various functionalities.

Here is a diagram, which describes 'lambdaScanner': -


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