BLackhat DC - On Web 2.0 Scanning

Scanning Applications 2.0 - Next generation scan, attacks and tools

Ajax, Web Services and Rich Internet (Flash) are redefining application security scanning challenges and strategies. We are witnessing some emerging attack vectors like Cross Site Scripting with JSON, Cross Site Request Forgery with XML, WSDL scanning, XPATH injection with XML streams etc. This presentation will cover Web 2.0 attacks, new scanning tools for assessment and approaches for Web 2.0 code analysis with demonstrations. Professionals can apply knowledge in real life to secure Web 2.0 application layer.

This presentation will focus on core Web 2.0 security issues along with assessment toolkit developed by the presenter. 1.) It is imperative to analyze Web 2.0 application architecture with security standpoint. We will evaluate real life vulnerabilities with Google, MySpace and Yahoo. 2.) Web 2.0 technology fingerprinting is very critical step to determine application security posture. 3.) Crawling Ajax driven application is biggest challenge and we will cover approaches to address this critical issue by dynamic DOM event management with Ruby. 4.) Scanning Web 2.0 application for security holes is an emerging issue. It needs lot of JavaScript analysis with DOM context to discover XSS and XSRF vulnerabilities in Ajax and Flash with new attack vectors hidden in payload structures like JSON, XML, JS-Arrays etc. 5.) Addressing assessment methods and tools to discover security lapses for SOAP, REST and XML-RPC based Web Services along with innovative fuzzing.