[Clubhack - Conference] Hacking Web 2.0 Art and Science of Vulnerability Detection

ClubHack - Pune, India.

Going to talk on following: Web 2.0 applications are on the rise and as Gartner has predicted by end of 2007, 30% of applications would be running with Web 2.0 components embedded in it. This change in scenario would provide various different entry points and security holes for attackers. Hacking Web 2.0 is the most required skill for security professionals to identify vulnerability and associated threat before an attacker exploits it. New attack vectors are on the rise like two way CSRF access, XSS through JSON, JS-Object, XML and Array streams, Client side eval() exploitations, XPATH injection, WSDL scanning, Web Services payloads through SOAP and REST, XML-RPC method exploitation etc. One needs to do both scientific and artistic analysis of application to identify these vulnerabilities and this talk will cover these emerging attack vectors with plenty of demonstrations and tools. You will take home thorough knowledge about Web 2.0 hacking and would be in position to apply at work immediately.

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